About the Artist


Currently residing on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. 

In 2013 I began working in a tattoo and piercing shop, and in 2016 I found my opportunity to apprentice as a tattoo artist. I spent a year and a half shadowing my mentor and working hard on my illustration skills, before picking up my first tattoo machine in early 2018. 

With a primary clientele composed of women, non-binary folks, and the super nerdy community, my work is colourful, whimsical, and dedicated to challenging societal norms, and expanding the possibilities of skin tone representation in the world of colourful tattoos. ​​​​​​​​Through my mission and values, I strive to redefine the standards of service and care in the tattoo industry, offering not only beautiful tattoos but also exceptional experiences. 

As a 'later in life' tattoo artist (beginning my apprenticeship in my 30s), I've been able to benefit from over a decade of management and customer service experience, making the business side of my tattoo practice fun and fulfilling. 

I love to travel and to learn, and have attending tattoo conventions across BC and Alberta. I travelled to Los Angeles for the first Explorer Women's Tattoo Summit in 2019, and for a high level business conference The Most in 2023. I've invested over $28,000 and hundreds of hours into my art and business education since 2020, and I don't think I've ever stop learning and growing. 

I was always told that I had an unusual knack for organizing - especially for an artist! I created consultation forms that the other artists at my shop started using, and was constantly sharing my thoughts on better boundaries, simpler scheduling, and unique marketing strategies. By my fifth year of tattooing, I was in the middle of building a private tattoo studio (literally building it, with cement and wood and stuff!), and upgrading my business plan, when I realized how much I missed teaching. I love to chat business and share my ideas and processes, and I wanted to expand how I could do that. 

I started guesting on podcasts and writing more blog articles, and then created my first PDF resource - Templates for Better Boundaries. 

I can't wait to share more, speak to bigger audiences, create new resources, trainings, and courses, and eventually gather enthusiastic artists together to experience the life changing magic of in person retreats!       

 * * * * * 

I love tattooing anything colourful with rainbows and glitter, but dinosaurs, pop culture pieces, and flowers are my very favourite! 

  • Favourite dinosaurs: Carnotaurus and Deinonychus. Not technically dinos, I also love Quetzalcoatlus and Mosasaurus! 
  • Favourite treat: Ice cream and macarons from Burnt Honey! 
  • Favourite art medium: Besides tattooing, I love my Copic markers. 
  • Favourite travel destination: Who could choose? Anywhere I can see or swim with a shark! 
  • Favourite colour: Like, all of the blue and teal. All of it. Is glitter a colour? 

On my days off you can probably find me at home with my wonderful husband, two corgis, and bunny, or hanging out with friends. 

Now you know me a little better! 



  • CUNTY business retreat - Algarve Portugal - 2024 
  • Big Yes Energy coaching program - 2023-2024
  • Retreat Genius training program - 2023 
  • The Most business mastermind conference - Los Angeles - 2023 
  • Conferencia Nacional de Tatuadores - Columbia (virtual attendance) - 2022
  • WSABM business club and mentoring - 2021-2022  
  • Explorer Women's Tattoo Summit - Los Angeles - 2019
  • Alla prima portrait painting - Week long intensive workshop - 2018  
  • Private business manager training - 2015-2016 
  • Tattoo and painting apprenticeship - 2017-2019
  • Tattoo, acrylic painting, and design apprenticeship - 2016-2018
  • Hoedl Fine Art Studios - Oil painting apprenticeship - 2008-2010   
  • Malaspina University College (now Vancouver Island University) - Fine Arts program - 2004 
  • Malaspina University College - Drawing 101 (Dual Credit program through NDSS) - 2003 



  • Public dinosaur statue redesign and painting - Drumheller, AB - 2022  
  • Hub City Walls - Mural "Adventures in Otter Space" created for the city - Nanaimo, BC - 2020 
  • "In Bloom" - Group show at Gastown Attic Gallery - Vancouver, BC - 2020
  • Stretched Art Show - Group Show at Arts Council Building, Gabriola Island - 2020
  • Nanaimo Art Walk - Gallery Merrick, Nanaimo - 2019
  • "Cryptid" - Group show at Gastown Attic Gallery - Vancouver - 2019
  • Heritage Art Show - First Place - Nanaimo - 2019
  • "The Audacious Otter Review" - Gallery Merrick, Nanaimo - 2019 
  • "An Encore of Otters" - Gallery Merrick, Nanaimo -  2019
  • Squared Art Show - Group show at Arts Council Building, Gabriola Island - 2019
  • Nanaimo Art Walk - Home Studio, Nanaimo - 2018  
  • "The Salmon's Family Reunion" & "The Orca's Orchestra" - Gallery Merrick, Nanaimo - 2018
  • "The Otter's Picnic" & "The Crab's Parade" - Gallery Merrick, Nanaimo BC, 2018  
  • Stretched Art Show - Group Show at Arts Council Building, Gabriola Island - 2018
  • Biennial Juried Show - Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery, Ladysmith - 2018
  • Art Around Town - Group show at Port Theatre, Nanaimo - 2018
  • Grand Opening Event - Golden Otter Gallery, Nanaimo - 2017 
  • Nanaimo Art Walk - Home studio, Nanaimo - 2017
  • Artist's Alley - Group show in Old City Quarter, Nanaimo - 2010 
  • End of Year Showcase - Malaspina University College, Nanaimo - 2005   


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