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Templates for Better Boundaries

Templates for Better Boundaries

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Have you ever had a client thank you for saying no?

Declining the wrong kind of work is an important step toward getting the clients that you want. Clients want to work with artists who are psyched about their tattoo idea. 

My work is bright, colourful, and illustrative - but I used to have so many requests for black and grey, fine line script, and all kinds of things that just didn't make sense for me. Learning to say no the right way was a huge step toward building a clientele that I love! 

And just like magic, when you learn to set boundaries, those 'not quite right' requests slow down and eventually stop altogether. For real, 99% of the time, people just don't ask me for that stuff anymore.  


Part 1: Declining Work

  • Work you don't want to do
  • Areas that heal poorly
  • Culturally appropriative work

Part 2: Consultation Clarity

  • Filling out your intake form
  • Requesting an in person consult
  • Too many back and forth emails
  • Too indecisive
  • Change the idea entirely (before deposit)
  • Request to email art before deposit
  • Bigger is better

Part 3: After the Consultation/Deposit 

  • Requesting changes
  • Request to email art (two variants)

Part 4: Pricing

  • Price shoppers
  • Questioning the price (three variants)
  • When they can't afford you
  • Barter requests
  • Refund Requests

Part 5: Misc

  • Requests to bring a friend (two variants)
  • Out of office email reply (two variants)

 Would you like a free sample?

Download Part 1 - Declining Work and see how these templates could help you!  


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