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Hi, I'm Kara! 

I've been working in the tattoo industry since 2013, and I started my apprenticeship in 2016, when I was 31.  

As a 'later in life' tattoo artist, I've been able to benefit from over a decade of management and customer service experience before becoming a tattoo artist, making the business side of my tattoo practice fun and fulfilling. 

I was always told that I had an unusual knack for organizing - especially for an artist! I created consultation forms that the other artists at my shop started using, and was constantly sharing my thoughts on better boundaries, simpler scheduling, and unique marketing strategies. By my fifth year of tattooing, I was in the middle of building a private tattoo studio (literally building it, with cement and wood and stuff!), and upgrading my business plan, when I realized how much I missed teaching. I love to chat business and share my ideas and processes. 

I've invested over $28,000 and hundreds of hours into my art and business education since 2020, and I want to share what I've learned with other artists.  

I started guesting on podcasts and writing more blog articles, and then created my first PDF resource - Templates for Better Boundaries. 

I can't wait to share more, speak to bigger audiences, create new resources, trainings, and courses, and eventually gather enthusiastic artists together to experience the life changing magic of in person retreats!       

​​​​​​​​Through my mission and values, I strive to redefine the standards of service and care in the tattoo industry, offering not only beautiful tattoos but also exceptional experiences!   

You'll never hear me talking about how the industry is 'too saturated' or how 'kids these days (insert patronizing nonsense). The industry is evolving, and I've excited to evolve with it. 

Together, we can all win!


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